MAPS. Every Foldout Map, Edition en anglais, CD-Rom.pdf

MAPS. Every Foldout Map, Edition en anglais, CD-Rom

This unprecedented CD-ROM archive includes every foldout map ever published by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine, plus engaging multimedia map tours, interactive time lines that trace the evolution of mapping, key events in National Geographic cartography, and enthralling stories about the people and places behind these very special maps.In this remarkable collection you can look at the first complete map of the moon, peer into the distant galaxies, and travel to the depths of the oceans. See how mapmakers combined aerial photography and satellite imagery to create the most accurate three-dimensional relief map of Mount Everest. Follow shifting national borders and examine the maps that helped the Allies win World War II.Top-Notch Map Technology:View, pan, and zoom in on maps for a global or close-up view.Quickly and easily locate an exact point on the map with the map navigator.Search for maps by keyword, geographic location, or theme.Exclusive National Geographic Content:Take fascinating thematic tours of world regions, complete with photographs, video, and audio narration.Learn how maps have evolved over the centuries train sticks and shells to sophisticated computer generated maps created from satellite images.Discover the wealth of cultural, environmental, political, and historical information presented on these beautifully illustrated maps.



ISBN 5390102425685
AUTEUR National geographic society
FICHIER MAPS. Every Foldout Map, Edition en anglais, CD-Rom.pdf
DATE 09/02/2020 TOPO! Interactive Maps on CD-ROM: … All I want and expect from a map CD-ROM is to be able to click on a map, view it, and then print it. This CD does not do that. Incredulously the geekazoids who programmed this CD-ROM were unclear on this simple, basic concept. When you click on a 7.5 min map, you are given a long list (100+) of useless mini-files (30kb or so). There is no obvious way to view a map covering more than about a


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