E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment. Delivering the Goods.pdf

E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment. Delivering the Goods

Almost 40% of the cost of selling online takes place after the customer presses the Buy button. At that moment-when the visitor becomes a customer-the most crucial port of the relationship begins. Payment processing, order fulfillment, product delivery, and product returns handling are the largest gaps in electronic commerce today. These essential but unglamorous, messy, and often expensive functions are not optional in true e-business. They can make or break your customer relationships, profitability, and future business.Identifying and managing these functions, termed e-commerce logistics and e-fulfillment, are the subjects of this book.Inside, find helpful advice on how to:• Ensure your customers receive the products that they order from your Internet site in a timely, efficient, traceable way.• Set up a rock-solid e-commerce infrastructure and calculate the return on investment• Evaluate shippers and online shipping tools• Tackle payment processing, online fraud, and U.S. and global taxation issues• Provide superior customer service• Evaluate third-party logistics providers and select outsource fulfillment partners• Handle the inevitable product returns (reverse logistics)Useful tools such as planning templates, checklists, and spreadsheets are included throughout the book and on a special Web site at www.bayles.com, Whether youre on electronic commerce or logistics practitioner or provider, this book will be an extremely useful addition to the How To books of your library.



ISBN 9780130303288
AUTEUR Deborah-L Bayles
FICHIER E-Commerce Logistics & Fulfillment. Delivering the Goods.pdf
DATE 04/01/2020

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Ship Happens! Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2003 An excellent book if you want to sell anything online; full of very practical and easy to implement advice for running an efficient back office. (PDF) Fulfillment service in e-commerce logistics


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