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Hack Proofing Linux

Hack Proofing Linux shows experienced system administrators how to deploy Open Source tools in three key areas: host security, network security, and perimeter security. It provides you with the skills to lock down your network, secure and monitor the operating system, and scan local and remote networks for weaknesses. Learn how to maintain, test, and log a firewall so you have a functional barrier between you and the outside world. Stop a hacker by thinking like one. Master the steps to hack your operating system and anticipate various types of attacks. Harden the server. Learn the steps for securing a Linux system using manual methods and Open Source solutions. Learn to use system scanning tools. Find complete coverage of scanning tools including AntiVir, Zombie Zapper, and Nmap. Understand Intrusion Detection Systems. Read about the services provided by an IDS and about different IDS applications and their features. Capture network traffic. Use network sniffers to troubleshoot the network and confirm hacker attacks. Minimize improper use of packet capturing tools. Learn how to use one-time passwords, Kerberos v5, and encryption solutions. Deploy secure authentication and encryption at the network layer. Establish network security by using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Establish a safe network perimeter. Configure and maintain a firewall to protect your network. The Hack Proofing Linux Wallet CD. The CD comes with many Open Source tools and source code from the book, as well as an electronic version of the book in HTML format. Register for your 1-year upgrade. The Syngress Solutions upgrade plan protects you from content obsolescence and provides monthly mailings, whitepapers, and more!



ISBN 9781928994343
AUTEUR Edgar Danielyan
FICHIER Hack Proofing Linux.pdf
DATE 07/04/2020

Hack Proofing Linux will provide system administrators with all of the techniques necessary to properly configure and maintain Linux systems and counter malicious attacks. Linux operating systems and Open Source security tools are incredibly powerful, complex, and notoriously under-documented - this book addresses a real need


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