The Monumental Impulse. Architectures Biological Roots.pdf

The Monumental Impulse. Architectures Biological Roots

Humans owe an immense architectural debt to other species. The first hexagons humans saw may have been in honeycombs, the first skyscrapers termitaries (termite high-rises), and the first tents those of African weaver ants. In The Monumental Impulse, art historian George Hersey investigates many ties between the biological sciences and the building arts. Natural building materials such as wood and limestone, for example, originate in biological processes. Much architectural ornament borrows from botany and zoology. Hersey draws striking analogies between building types and animal species. He examines the relationship between physical structures and living organisms, from bridges to masques, from molecules to mammals.Insects, mollusks, and birds are given separate chapters, and three final chapters focus on architectural form and biological reproduction. Hersey also discusses architecture in connection with the bodys interior processes and shows how buildings may be said to reproduce, adapt, and evolve, like other inanimate or nonbiotic entities such as computer programs and robots. The book is both learned and entertaining, and is abundantly illustrated with fascinating visual comparisons.



ISBN 9780262582032
AUTEUR George Hersey
FICHIER The Monumental Impulse. Architectures Biological Roots.pdf
DATE 06/01/2020

Hersey continues to make connections between Darwinian science and architecture in The Monumental Impulse: Architecture's Biological Roots. He expands his theory by drawing comparisons between species of animal and building types. By examining the worlds of biology and architecture, Hersey hopes to demonstrate the relationship between Dona i Ocell - Wikipedia


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