Moving to VB. - Net : Strategies, concepts, and code.pdf

Moving to VB. - Net : Strategies, concepts, and code

In this new book, Moving To VB.Net: Strategies, concept, and code, Visual Basic guru Dan Appleman takes aim at Visual Basic.NET, exposing the reality behind the hype and showing you how to evaluate this technology in the context of your own specific problems. The book is divided into three parts: Strategies, Concepts, and Code. In Strategies, youll learn how VB.NET is perfect for new development of Web and other server-side applications - but that porting existing code may be disastrous. Youll also gain knowledge of how economics and human nature will play as strong a role as technology in how.NET is deployed. In Concepts, youll learn key concepts like inheritance and multithreading and why they are overhyped. Youll learn why Microsoft is killing COM. And youll learn other important concepts that are unfamiliar to most VB6 programmers but are crucial to VB.NET programmers. In the last part, Code, youll learn the VB.NET language and many of its features-all of which are based upon your current knowledge of VB6. Appleman explains not only the technological features of VB.NET, but also the reasons for them and the controversies around some of those choices. Evaluating VB.NET from the perspective of the developer, youll find material that will infuriate VB traditionalists and Microsoft marketing staff alike. However, whether you agree with his judgments or not, youll end up learning to write quality VB.NET code in well designed applications. Above all, Appleman brings to Moving to VB.NET: Strategies, Concepts, and Code exactly what he has brought to all his past books-a solid understanding of technology and the needs of real developers along with an ability to explain it all in a clear, straightforward, and entertaining manner.



ISBN 9781893115972
AUTEUR Dan Appleman
FICHIER Moving to VB. - Net : Strategies, concepts, and code.pdf
DATE 05/03/2020

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