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Stemping through mathematics

Postage stamps are an attractive vehicle for presenting mathematics and its development. For many years the author has presented illustrated lectures entitled Stamping Through Mathematics to school and college groups and to mathematical clubs and societies, and has written a regular Stamp Corner for the Mathematical Intelligencer. The book contains almost four hundred postage stamps relating to mathematics, ranging from the earliest forms of counting to the modern computer age. Featured are many of the mathematicians who contributed to this story - influential figures, such as Pythagoras, Archimedes, Newton and Einstein - and some of the areas whose study aided this development - such as navigation, astronomy and art. The stamps appear enlarged and in full colour with full historical commentary, and are listed at the end of the book.



ISBN 9780387989495
AUTEUR Robin-J Wilson
FICHIER Stemping through mathematics.pdf
DATE 09/02/2020

Pi and K factors: The mathematical beauty of sheet … In fact, you could argue those jobs actually required more math skill. Some shop leaders today have told me how they remember days (sometimes fondly) of manual flat layout, when they took out the slide rule and did it all by hand. Today software and modern machine tools can automate much of the math, but I think the equations still matter. It


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