Wireless Web development with PHP and WAP. - With CD-ROM.pdf

Wireless Web development with PHP and WAP. - With CD-ROM

The enormous popularity of the world wide web can be attributed in large part to the fact that it is a dynamic, highly interactive media. As Web accessibility through wireless devices becomes increasingly popular, developers are challenged to maintain the high level of interactivity and flexibility that users are accustomed to on their personal computer browsers. Fortunately, this task is not as daunting as it seems, as the language tools used to create conventional Web pages can also be implemented in the wireless arena. Ray Rischpaters Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP is a comprehensive guide to doing exactly this, illustrating how the popular scripting language PHP can be used alongside the Wireless Webs standard languages, namely WAP, WML and WMLScript, to create dynamic and powerful wireless applications. Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP is the result of the authors years of experience in both wireless development and PHP programming, and shows the reader how to make the most of both technologies to create scalable wireless applications. Readers will also learn how to use MySQL with PHP to serve wireless content as they review examples drawn from real-world wireless applications. In addition to tackling the Wireless Webs software development challenges, the author examines equally important but often overlooked issues such as user interface design and optimizing wireless sites for presentation on todays screen phones.CD-ROM included! The enclosed CD-ROM contains Yospace SPEDE, Nokia WAP Toolkit, Apache Web Server and PHE It also includes all the listings (numbered) and each chapters build of MobileHelper. The CD-ROM is ISO 9660 with separate directories for Macintosh, UNIX and Windows platforms.



ISBN 9781893115934
AUTEUR Ray Rischpater
FICHIER Wireless Web development with PHP and WAP. - With CD-ROM.pdf
DATE 06/05/2020

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a specification for a set of communication protocols to standardize the way that wireless devices, such as cellular telephones and radio transceivers, can be used for Internet access, including e-mail, the World Wide Web, newsgroups, and instant messaging.While Internet access has been possible in the past, different manufacturers have used different


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